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Hydrostatic testing fundamentally is testing any equipment by filling it with liquid, usually water.

When a tank is newly built or if there are major alterations required on an existing storage tank, the integrity of the tank is confirmed using hydrostatic tests (tank hydrotesting). Mechanical tests are recommended for commissioning the tanks into service.

WJ have delivered several complex hydrotesting projects in the region. With our large fleet of high flow pumps, we can meet any system volume and filling rates to meet project deadlines. We ensure timely delivery, tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

We can supply and install all equipment like pumps, headers and manifolds, booster tanks and discharge pipe, valves and accessories. WJ offer a rental service as well as a full installation and operation service for pumps and equipment.

Reasons to conduct a hydrostatic test
  1. To Ensure the Tank has no leaks: This is one of the most obvious objectives of the hydrotesting. Usually, tanks are filled with water at a required rate of filling and then once after the 24hours of holding time elapses, it is indicative that there are no pinholes, welding discontinuities or cracks in the tank.
  2. Mechanical Strength of the Tank: This testing method also confirms the mechanical strength of the tank being tested. Weak spots become evident at the time of hydrotesting as the tank is filled with water. Once the tank is in operation, any failure would be detrimental to the environment and workers nearby due to the often toxic nature of substances that it is filed with. To avoid such catastrophic situations, it is important to conduct hydrotesting prior to commissioning the tanks into operation.
  3. Working Components in the Tank: Hydrotesting also acts an operational test for inbuilt tank components. Working of internal floating roof, its sealants, roof drains, etc are all a part of the hydrotesting, as checks are in place.
  4. Foundation Integrity: Uneven and Sagging Foundations can be a source of tank damage. Integrity of the foundation structure is a major objective of hydrotesting. Settlement can be observed and measured in a controlled manner at the time of hydrotesting as it can indicate the ability and integrity of the foundation to withstand the load of the liquid it is designed to store. As per Standards, the foundation must be designed to withstand 110% of the product weight or an equivalent weight of the water filled tank.
  5. Other Factors: Proximity to a water source. Hydrostatic test is cost effective alternative to other tests like penetrating oil test and less challenging than a pneumatic pressure test. Additional radiographic weld examination is also not required when a tank is hydrotested.
How WJ can be useful for your hydrotesting projects?

WJ assists contractors by providing:

  • Complete Turnkey Solution
  • Rental of Seawater Intake Pumps, Water Transfer Pumps, equipment, and accessories from WJ.
  • Installation and rental of HDPE pipework for long distance water transfer from the source to tank area.
  • Rental of Filtration Vessels to intercept and remove dirt during the filling process.
  • In-Depth Engineering and Computer Simulation to ensure testing parameters are met.
  • Tank to Tank water transfer to avoid water wastage.
  • Bypass Looping system to discharge used water for disposal.
  • Zone 2 certified equipment and trained operatives.

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Equipment rental for Tank Hydrotesting

Part of the WJ Group, WJ Saudi provides equipment rental services for a wide range of tank hydrotesting applications throughout the Middle East and Overseas. WJ specialise in turnkey rental solutions with a complete design, installation, operation and maintenance service.

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