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Deepwell dewatering for lowering groundwater levels

Deepwell dewatering systems lower groundwater levels using a series of drilled wells, each fitted with its own electric submersible pump. Deepwells can be used to dewater dewatering deep excavations with experience working on excavations over 90m in depth. WJ carefully designs and installs deepwell systems to maximise drawdown and pump efficiency whilst ensuring a discharge free of suspended solids.

Deepwells are ideal for deep excavations, shafts, basements, canals, underpasses and tunnels. They work in a range of ground conditions and offer a reliable method of dewatering construction sites.

Why Use Deepwell Dewatering Systems?

Deepwells are ideally suited to granular soils and rocks, where the permeability is medium to high. The number, depth, and spacing of wells along with size of pumps can be adjusted to meet site conditions.

When it comes to installation, they’re installed with our fleet of rotary drilling rigs and piling drilling rigs which are also available to rent. WJ Saudi only uses high quality machine cut slotted PVC well screen and selected filter materials.

Effective and experienced dewatering techniques

WJ Saudi uses its significant experience of designing and operating deepwell systems for dewatering throughout the Middle East and further afield, to design and implement new schemes. With over 40 years of experience, it is highly likely that we have previously dewatered a neighbouring site or worked in similar ground conditions. This method of dewatering works extremely well in most ground conditions found accross Saudi Arabia.

WJ provides a central control cabin which powers and control multiple pumps from a single location. Control options include automatic mains failure (ATS) switchover to standby power, visual / audio / GSM text alarm systems, and remote data logging for monitoring discharge flows and groundwater levels.

Where high flows are expected and where dewatering permeable strata such as coraline limestone, where fissure and fracture flows are likely, large diameter deepwells or sump wells can be designed to house larger sump pumps. Dewatering in rocks often requires the use of progressive trenching and french drains to direct water towards deepwells and sump pump wells. WJ through its experience and professional design approach, aim to bring clients cost and programme savings even in the most challenging ground conditions.

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Equipped with a large number of staff, cutting-edge equipment, and high-quality materials, WJ offers robust solutions backed by local and international resources. We adapt to the unique requirements of each project, ensuring success on a global scale.

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